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We aim to support young and emerging artists on-and-off campus by providing a platform to share their art with the world. At CC, we believe student artwork is worth more than just a letter grade and the value of all artwork is found by those it touches.

Artist of the Month

Alexa Liccardi 

Peapack, New Jersey

I live on the East Coast and am always shooting water photography, so I’m excited to highlight my work during the time of year that I get most of my favorite shots!

I joined College Collections to join the community of curated artists amongst my age group. It’s great to have the opportunity to share your work in the variety of ways that CC offers. Super grateful! Thanks for having me on here.

I’ve always had an interest in photography, but didn’t know how to capture the moments I was experiencing in a way that I felt did them justice. Using both 35mm and 120 film as a medium helped to accurately represent and portray what I saw and how moments in time unfold for me.

My favorite medium is 120 film! It’s a funky one, but the image quality and depth of field are unmatched.

Megan Barrett, Olivia Bee, Cass Bird are all photographers whose style and perspective I admire.

My greatest achievement is the way my family and friends have reacted to my art! I pursue photography as an accelerated hobby, so my subjects tend to be family or friends. Stoking them out on a great picture or moment captured that we shared together has been my favorite part about pursuing this interest in film photography.

My vision for the future is to always keep photography as something I love and enjoy. I never want it to be a burden or feel like a job.

Apparel Artist of the Month

Connor Carroll

Roger Williams University 

I thought it would be a fun way to share some summer influenced designes with our community. 

I’ve been a part of CC since I got the phone call one afternoon from the founder, Eddie, with the idea of starting this community. 

It started in High School with photography classes. When I got to college, is when I started to take graphic designed classes and really found my niche.


Graphic design is where I am able to have most success. 

Growing up in Madison, CT has influenced a lot of my work to be beach themed. 

Application to be Featured

Artist of the Month

Apparel Artist of the Month

Apply to have your artwork featured on our homepage for a full Month!  If you are an active member of our cc community, then your eligible to have 5-6 of your favorite pieces featured on the homepage of our website.  This is a great honor and will be visible to thousands of people that visit our website each month.

Other benefits include being recognized as College Collections “Artist of the Month” on our social media outlets. This guarantees you and your amazing artwork will receive upwards of 100,000 impressions over your time as “Artis of The Month”.

Please note*: You must apply and be an active user of our platform to be accepted.  Also, the Artwork submitted for “Artist of the Month” must be available on your CC profile to be featured. *

Apply to have your artwork featured on CC- Apparel and displayed on our homepage for a full Month!  If you are an active member of our cc community, then your eligible to submit your designs for our apparel store.  This is a great honor and will be visible to thousands of people that visit our website each month. You will also receive commissions for apparel sales featuring your design.

Other benefits include being recognized as College Collections ” Apparel Artist of the Month” on our social media outlets. This guarantees you and your amazing designs will receive upwards of 100,000 impressions over your time as “Artis of The Month”.

Please note*: You must apply and be an active user of our platform to be accepted.  Also, the Artwork submitted for ” Apparel Artist of the Month” must be available on your CC profile to be featured. *

May 2019

Artist of the Month

Anne Jacqueline Lazaroo

Teaches Art at a Refugee School

For others to be inspired and value my artworks.

A trustable, supportive platform to share your artwork regularly. A platform that values and recognizes you for your work.


It was my childhood passion but I didn’t pursue it seriously but only a year ago I began to pursue it seriously.


I love graphite pencils, watercolor and color pencils.

To glorify God for the talent he has given me through the arts.

Conducted a workshop teaching for United Nation Malaysia.

Yes definitely, want to continue the arts and inspiring others to do the same. I intend to expand my art to the elders and special needs people.

April 2019

Artist of the Month

Devon Schroyer

Chatham University

I have loved using this website as a convenient outlet to not only share my own work but to look at the works of other artists and connect with them. Exposure from this site has allowed me to quit my day job and use my art as my full-time job. Being artist of the month would be a huge next step in my career as an artist!

I joined College Collections as a way to meet other artists and share some of my own work. I love getting feedback -whether positive or negative- and hearing what other artists think I could do better or what I should be doing more of!


I have been into arts my whole life. I primarily focused on music when I was younger and even attended a performing arts high school for piano. It wasn’t really until senior year of high school when I decided to try selling a few paintings that I had done for fun. In the last few years, I’ve not only begun to take my art much more seriously and work hard at progressing and increasing my talents, but I have turned it into my career. I moved to Pittsburgh for college and discovered a community of local artists and musicians that have not only inspired and motivated me, but worked closely with me in improving and perfecting my art.


I work almost exclusively in acrylic paints. I do a lot of drawing, sketching, and charcoal work as well, but usually, just use these skills to improve my painting. The biggest draw to acrylics, for me, is the speed that they dry, which allows me to create super textured pieces with a ton of layering. Most of my pieces are pretty 3-dimensional, with the paint protruding half an inch or so off the canvas in some spots.

A lot of my work is experimental, as I’m still trying to develop my own style and motivations. Up until now, most of my pieces have been animals or still life. My goal for this upcoming semester (and my last semester before graduation!) is to perfect portraiture and architecture paintings. I do love simplicity and solace in my work, though. Not quite sad or isolated, but comfortable in itself- not needing extreme detail, intricate backgrounds, or unnecessary excitement. It is what it is.

My greatest achievement as an artist has been quitting my day job. It’s much more serious than people just liking my art on Instagram when they’re willing to spend their real, hard-earned money on it. Not only has it been a huge confidence-boost for me as an artist, but it has also helped to legitimize my work and offer this as a true career path.

I have a lot of interests besides art. I’m currently also pursuing a career in alternative healing and medicine. However, art is still my first priority.

Artist of the Month

Tommy Wilson

Bentley University

I am currently pursuing a Business Management major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. So yeah, nothing to do with Art really ha. I was on the football team, but I just recently retired from that to focus on my entrepreneurship goals, art, and my health in general.

Well, I’ve known Eddie almost my whole life, and when he told me about this idea I thought it was brilliant. Artists often struggle with the business side of things and marketing themselves, and it is a great idea to try and help them and combine our common knowledge and interest. I decided to join and become an ambassador to support this awesome idea and get experience with my business skills in real life situations.


Well, to be honest, I took an art class in high school expecting it to be an easy grade. The teacher was awesome and ended up having a huge impact on me. We were allowed to work in our own way, and really learn how to use our creative side. It might sound simple, but I just never stopped after that class, and now I love it.


Drawing and painting. I really enjoy the process of testing my imagination and emotions by putting them on canvas. I am also getting more into the process of graphic design and screen printing.

Besides starting the stuff you guys already have set up for me, I have this awesome idea of starting a limited edition T-shirt club all designed by Bentley kids. We will only make a certain amount of each design and so it will be sort of like a collector’s item.

March 2019

Artist of the Month

Becca Maccanelli

Western Illinois University

Becca grew up in Illinois and currently attends Western Illinois University. She is a double major in Studio Art and social work expected to graduate in 2020.

Apparel Artist of the Month

Ashleigh Sweetman

University of Maryland, College Park

Ashleigh grew up in Madison Connecticut and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2015.

This would be a great opportunity to have my art recognized by a larger audience. I have been trying to grow my art page for a couple years now and have not gotten very far. This would be a great way to give my page that extra push it needs to be recognized by more people.

I joined college collections because I thought it would be a great way to connect with other artists who were around the same age as me. It’s a great way for us to support one another as artists.

Art has been a subject that I’ve been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I have always used art as an outlet throughout my life. It has taught me to work hard for the things that you want and if you continue striving to reach your goals, you will see progress. My favorite thing about the Arts is that there are so many different ways you can interpret it. Each individual is unique in their own way on how they view or create artwork. It is truly fascinating watching how the art industry changes from generation to generation.

My favorite medium has always been graphite. I was drawn to this medium from a young age and still, today love working with it. I always loved shading and how you can make an object come to life by adding a few shadows and highlights to give that item dimension. Once I arrived at college I realized I needed to broaden my abilities in Art so I tried picking up other mediums as well. This really pushed me out of my comfort zone to try something new and recognize that it’s okay to not succeed the first time around.

I recently discovered a life drawing book that was found in my great aunts attack by Andrew Loomis. In this book, he shows step by step ways on how to create a realistic/stylized figure. This book has opened me up to realizing sometimes one simple line can make all the difference in a drawing.

One of my greatest achievements as an artist was being granted the opportunity to paint a sculpture for my university that was displayed outside of our union. This sculpture will remain in its rightful spot forever and knowing that a piece of my art will still be around after my passing warms my heart.

After taking some time to think about what I wanted to do with my life I found another passion I have which is helping others. This has lead me into the path of Social Work. Although Social Work most likely will be my main source of income, I plan to never stop creating art. Art has always been a huge part of my life and I never intend on giving that up.

I am looking to continue my relationship with College Collections as one of the original artists.

I joined College Collections when I was at the University of Maryland. I joined to support my friend and College Collections founder, Eddie Carroll. I stayed with College Collections to enjoy the community that he has formed with this company. I love seeing all the beautiful pieces that members have expressed themselves through art. I just started working remotely, and I now have more free time to draw. So stay tuned…

Drawing has always been my form of meditation. I have been super detail oriented my whole life, so I choose to put a lot of detail in my drawings. This allows me to not think about anything except every single the line I put on the paper.


Pen. I enjoy knowing that each mark I make on the paper is final. If I make a mistake, the “mistake” gets turned into a new and unexpected part of the drawing.

When I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I often take a moment to think of the different things I would like to create – no set categories or themes. I do, however, often hide personal messages in my designs. These personal messages often represent an emotion, a person, or a place that I was thinking of while creating the design.

I have developed self-awareness through drawing. It is something I do just for me, and has been my main outlet for self-reflection since I was young.

I like to maintain a career that allows me to stay creative. However, since my pen designs are my form of meditation, I like to keep them separate from my career. I have worked in the marketing field for the last 4 years.

February 2019

Original Artist

Cara Sevec

University of Loyola Chicago

Cara grew up in Bloomfield Hills, MI and currently attends the University of Loyola Chicago, expected to graduate in 2020. Her studies are currently focused on Psychology, Ceramics, and Sculpture.

Apparel Artist

Kamn Thomas

Independent Artist

Kamn is an independent artist who grew up in Sicklerville, New Jersey and graduated College May 2018.

Congratulations Cara Sevec for receiving College Collections first ever “Original Artist of the Month” award for February 2019.  Cara has been closely tied to the CC community since we first launched in the spring of 2017. This makes her one of our FIRST EVER organic members!

She joined College Collections because she believes in the message and the opportunity it gives for what most consider a niche community. Cara finds it exciting to see art from all over the country and world as well as having a platform for individual artists to get the credit they deserve.

Her preferred mediums are ceramics and sculpture because they involve form in space and incorporate craft, technique, as well as aspects of drawing and painting. She believes practicing ceramics or sculpture are beneficial for both the body and mind. Cara enjoys the versatility of these mediums and how they incorporate various materials and techniques.  She also enjoys pencil/ contour drawing, painting, and fashion.

Art has always been very special to Cara. She first became intrigued by the arts in middle school. First drawn to music and advancing to fine art in high school.  She found art gave her the ability to challenge herself, learn more about her inner life and be a part of a supportive community has always drawn me to art. Cara feels she wouldn’t be herself best self without ART!

Cara’s biggest inspiration to create is her great aunt, Jean Seberg. Who was an American-French film actress in the 60s and 70s, she was an activist for civil and human rights, as well as a style icon. She poured her heart into every facet of her life and displayed fearlessness in her artistry. Unfortunately, Cara never had the chance to meet her, however, she plays a huge role in her identity as an artist.

Thus far, her greatest achievement as an artist is having her piece “Blurred Vision” selected for the 2019 Student Juried Exhibition at her school’s Ralph Arnold Gallery. Out of 70 applicants, she is among a handful of students chosen for the show. Her piece will compete for first, second or third place, which will be announced at the opening reception in a week, wish her luck!

There is no question the future shines brightly for CC member Cara Sevec. With her knowledge in the fields of fine arts and psychology, she hopes to continue on to graduate school for a master’s degree in Art Therapy. Her dream is to have my own studio where others can create with intentions of pursuing art as a hobby, goal, or therapy. Cara will always continue to make art of her own in the hopes of advancing her skill and creativity.

Congratulations Kamn Thomas for receiving College Collections first ever “Apparel Artist of the Month” award for February 2019.  Kamn has been an enthusiastic member of the CC community since it was a concept on paper.  Due to his work ethic and passion for the arts Kamn officially joined the CC team in 2018!

Kamn joined College Collections because he believed our mission was aligned with ideas he had throughout his college career. He saw a world of great artists who were neglected/overlooked for a long time. He felt these artists needed more avenues for ALL artists to be able to find success. Not just mainstream.

His favorite medium is Sculpture because of the way you can bring concepts to life off paper into full dimensions.  Kamn loves the freedom in materials, and lawlessness when creating life-size or full dimensional works.

Kamn felt art was a calling because he was blessed with the gift of a creative mind and able hands. He always found vast inspirations form the Hip Hop Culture, which allowed his imagination to soar.

Other inspirations for Kamn, include societal constructs and social norms. The idea of opposing constructs, and posing the question: “Why Not?” has inspired a few of his most loved pieces, like “MEN.”  Kamn feels his best pieces revolve around larger messages and are all about alternative thinking.  He wants his artwork to provoke discussion about why we do or don’t allow ourselves to embrace certain types of harmless “otherness”.

Thus far, Kamn believes his greatest achievement as an artist is his sculpture “Harmless Danger” featured above.  He created this fashionable sculpture during his final year in college using leather and sewing techniques.  He hopes his feature helps spread some innovative ideas and inspire others to create!

Kamn is currently a kindergarten teacher who loves encouraging the next generation of creative thinkers.  His dream for the future is to be a Universal Designer, with specialties in Fashion and Automotive Aesthetics.

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Great place to show your art

5.0 rating
January 23, 2019

This really is a great place to get some exposure for your art it’s free and easy!! I definitely recommend joining this community

Glen Ellis


5.0 rating
January 19, 2019

The best and supportive platform that I’ve came across. Thank you for your supportive and grateful that this platform exists.

Anne Nonis


4.0 rating
January 15, 2019

This is a solid opportunity, easy to use, and I have gotten tons of new opportunities since creating a profile. I would recommend this platform to any artist.


Thank You!

5.0 rating
January 14, 2019

I found @collegecollectionsart on Instagram. I recently created a profile on their site to share my work and was featured on social media a few days later. I am so happy to be recognized for my artwork and gained many new followers as a result!! Thanks, College Collections really appreciate your support.

Ali S.

Love it!

5.0 rating
January 14, 2019

This is an amazing and passionate team! They have been extremely wonderful in helping me start to sell my artwork and gain recognition. They even reserved a space for me as a Sponsored Artist at their Art Vibe event this summer. I am currently a student and it is awesome to know this company exists!!

Pat Stanley
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