US Congressman Joe Courtney Meets With College Collections

150 150 Casey Drake

College Collections recently had the chance to sit down with Congressman Joe Courtney on his tour of the CT Shoreline Arts scene. Courtney was excited to hear about how a group of hard working young people were striving to help their peers. He was impressed with what we have been able to achieve thus far at such an early stage. The Congressman loved our goals and vision stating via twitter that College Collections “Demonstrates the evolution of Art & deflects physical barriers to allow artists to showcase their work for sale anywhere in the world.”

I spoke to Eddie to get his thoughts on the experience, “Joe is a great guy and I think it was awesome for him to take some time out of his packed schedule to meet with the arts community. He really understands that what we are doing is about building up more than just the artists, we want to build up the community and economy as a whole through the arts.”

When I asked about the conversation, Eddie kind of laughed and said “It’s funny, I know he was here for an arts tour but our company is a tech company at it’s core. Really, a lot of our conversation focused on the trials and obstacles we have faced being a young tech start up in the state of Connecticut.”

They even got to talking about the Congressman’s upcoming campaign. “He was telling me how he is working on a new form of legislation that largely focused around tech and internet use and was thinking it will be a big part of his campaign.”


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